The Conflict in Somalia

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

As timely an issue as ever, the conflict in Somalia was discussed at CSI's latest event, Thursday April 23. The volunteers of CSI pulled together a knowledgeable panel from different sectors to try to help us understand exactly what brought this state to failure.

Abdirahman M. Abdi spoke first. As an economist with ties to the World Bank and Wall Street, Abdi explained the complicated economic situation in Somalia, along with highlighting the historical reasons for the piracy that has so captured the headlines recently.

Next, native Somalia Hussein Yusuf discussed the current state of conflict, bringing in the tribal wars along with the Islamist Movement and the imposition of Shariah law.

Refugees International worker Patrick Duplat discussed the situation on land as a grave humanitarian crisis where even the aid workers are now targeted.

And finally, Hassan Warsame, co-founder and Vice President of the Somalia Diaspora Network (SDN) finished up the panel's presentation by going in depth into the challenges and opportunities with the recent unity government, along with his recommendations for bringing Somalia closer to a peaceful nation.

Check our website soon for a full video recap of the panel discussion and the Q&A after:


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